Restoration Specs

Firstly the customer selects an un-restored Kombi from our stock or the customer provides his own vehicle. We then:

Strip kombi and sandblast vehicle where necessary. Cut out and weld in new metal panels (or parts of panels) where previously accident damaged or rusty. Paint underside with black chassis paint.  Prime and paint exterior body in 2K paint (two colors) to client’s choice. We like to paint in original colors but base coat/clear coat or black etc. can be used at an extra charge. Exposed interior metalwork is painted in the upper exterior paint. Sandblast bumpers and wheels and paint. If the bumpers are beyond repair we fit new fiberglass ones.

Strip suspension, sandblast and paint. Renew seals, bearings and dampers.

Strip steering, sandblast and paint. Recondition steering box and fit new tie rod ends.

Strip brakes, sandblast and paint. Recondition master cylinder and fit recon. or new slave cylinders. Skim drums and fit new flexible brake pipes.

Fit new electrical wiring loom and connect lights, switches (original or repro) etc. Fit new battery.

Install new carpet and headlining. Recover seats, door and side panels all to clients choice of colors in vinyl.

Install reconditioned 1600cc engine (see engine spec sheet for details). New exhaust.

Sandblast gearbox and reduction boxes and paint. We do not strip internals unless gearbox or R/B gears are broken.  New bearings and seals to R/B

Refit existing glass with new rubbers. New rubbers to doors.

Refit existing sundry items e.g. ash tray, grab handles, mirrors. Fit new windscreen wipers.

Tune, road test and adjust. Take for Police Clearance.  Introduce onto NATIS. (We are at the complete mercy of the licensing authorities therefore we cannot be held responsible for any delays in this regard).We submit the NATIS paperwork but the customer is responsible for all fees including registration and license. Deliver to Durban Docks if exported---- (Exported cars are not registered on NATIS)

A predetermined price is agreed for each of the above sections of work and payment is made on a progressive basis as the work is completed. Photos of the work are taken on a weekly basis or as required by the customer. Prospective customers and existing clients are welcome to visit our workshop at any time to view progress or to observe the restoration process. We can also do IPhone/ I Pad Face time to show progress and chat about your vehicle. 

In order to preserve originality we try to refit (at our discretion) as much of the original items as possible. This would include the steering wheel, ash tray, knobs, door handles, badges, lights, mirrors, chrome work, etc. If new reproduction items are required we can arrange at extra cost. Where original trim, body or mechanical parts are not available we fit modern equivalents.

Our standard restoration is not to a concourse or show standard. Our workmanship is nevertheless to a high standard and examples of completed kombis are shown attached. We undertake show car restorations for an additional charge

The restoration process takes approx.  15 months to complete a standard restoration. Due to the labor intensive nature of the process and the difficulty in sourcing non-faulty and correct parts we cannot give an exact date for completion.

We also do the following modifications at additional cost: Front disc brakes, replace link pins with ball joints, replace single master cylinder with dual brake booster, lowered suspension, independent rear  suspension,  uprated engines, conversions to RHD and vv,  custom interiors, safari windows, sun roof etc. etc. Please note that safari windows were meant for hot dry countries and are not 100% weather proof. -Due to the difficulty in obtaining parts we do not fir a heater.  This can be fitted by the customer If required.-

Some traffic authorities do not permit certain modifications. We will carry out any non-standard modification requested but the customer takes full responsibility for approval by his local authorities. Due to the fact that we are restoring vehicles approximately 50 years old, the logistics of dealing with clients many thousands of miles away and the problems associated with parts sourced from all over the world we cannot replace or guarantee parts or workmanship. Customers are encouraged to personally inspect their restored vehicle prior to shipment (or to get a friend to do so) in order to ensure complete satisfaction.               


We restore all splitties.........

Well almost all.